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How do we lose fat?

Nothing Feels As Good As Being Fit Feels

Have you tried different diets, experienced success, but gained the weight back in surplus? We’ve all experienced “yo-yo” dieting where we’ve experienced weight loss, weight gain, and the cycle continues. To find the best diet, we really need to look at what our goal really is.

Do we want to simply lose fat? Maybe we want to increase muscle and burn fat, or maybe we just want to increase muscle and size. Increasing physical activity and diet structure really depends on the vision you have for yourself. Here’s an example, if your goal is to lose weight, then you’ll want to change your dietary habits and physical activity to aid in your goal. A plan for that goal would be smaller portion size, plenty of vegetables and lean proteins, and higher intensity exercise like walking/ running, or light weight and high repetitions workouts.

If you’ve worked with dietary professional, then you might be familiar with the terminology of Macros. In short, macros are fats, protein, and carbohydrates. Dietary professional might structure percentages of macros from calories. For example, calories from fat might be around 20%, and calories from protein might be around 60%.

Macros doesn’t work for everyone because it’s difficult to translate into food. What foods can I eat that fits my macros? Often, it’s difficult to track, so I tell our clients to just eat and track, and we’ll set the results as your baseline.

To meet our fitness goals, we really need to understand how our bodies utilize energy. It might surprise you that most of the energy burned is by simply living. Our bodies take a lot of energy to maintain life, and we refer to this as our Basil Metabolic Rate. (BMR) Our basil metabolic rate is different for everyone, and variables include height, weight, muscle mass, and other factors. A person with larger muscle mass will naturally utilize greater energy to live than a smaller person with less muscle mass.

So, what’s the best diet for me? It’s important to learn your body and understand how your body stores fat, burns fat, builds muscle, etc…  Knowing we all have different BMR’s, what foods work best with our body? Your fitness goal depends on the ability for intuitiveness with us. 


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