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What is Science Based Fitness?

Your free- source of information, news, and deep dive into the latest science in the world or fitness and health. We dive deep into the literature and debunk a lot of fake claims. Also, providing helpful tips and workouts to improve your health and quality of life. 

About Us

With so many social media experts providing false information for views and attention, we’re here to actually help people improve their quality of life. We don’t recommend extreme diets or common diet fads. Our articles are written directly from the  literature in an unbiased manner. Our training materials are to be used as an aid to help, inspire, and motivate you. Our training recommendations are also based off the literature in regards to appropriate training for maximum potential.   

In short, we’re a no-bullshit team who are here to help people. We simply don’t post content to aid in a large following. It doesn’t matter to use if we help 5,000 or just 1 person. Our goal is to help people through mind, body and spirit. 

Always Free

We will never charge to view our content. Our purpose is to provide you with the best source of FREE information.


Our articles and recommendations are based off the literature to help improve your life. 


Our training programs and articles are based from the literature to help you reach your goals faster.