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What is Science Based Fitness?

Your free- source of information, news, and deep dive into the latest science in the world or fitness and health. We dive deep into the literature and debunk a lot of fake claims. Also, providing helpful tips and workouts to improve your health and quality of life. 




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The latest research, recipes, workout tips and more. 

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There’s a lot of misinformation available on social media, and it’s our mission to review the literature and provide unbiased data. 

Science Based Nutrition

Our product recommendations are not brand specific. We aren’t partnered with any brands, and our recommendations are based off experience and results. We do our best to make sure brands are true to their label. 

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Check out some of the new product recommendations based on actual science. 

We dive deep into the science

Yes, some of the data isn’t interpreted correctly. You may be able to find a study on possibly any point of interests. However, we dive deep to understand the parameters of the each study. Not all studies or publications are highly credible or peer-reviewed, and that’s where we dive into deep.