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L- Theanine

Why you should consider taking L- Theanine

L- theanine is the primary amino acid in tea leaves, and known for it’s calming affect. Although recent data shows it may also play an important role in immunity and prevention. Numerous cell and animal studies have proven that theanine plays an important role in reducing inflammation. Additionally, theanine may also help with nerve damage, gut health and prevention of tumors by regulating glutathione synthesis and the secretion of cytokine and neurotransmitters. 

Theanine may also improve cognitive performance and enhance working memory. In a study from 2021, researchers found a single dose of theanine reduced the reaction to attention to tasks, and increased the number of correct answers while decreasing the number of omission errors in working memory tasks. Another randomized, placebo controlled, crossover, and double-blind trial shown significant improvements in overall mental health while reducing stress. Overall, depression, anxiety and sleep scores all decreased and cognitive function scores improved of 4 weeks of 200mg taken daily. 


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