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Battling PCOS and my journey 

A daily Battle

It’s always been a dream of mine to start a family. As a child, I dreamed about having babies. However, I stopped taking birth control shortly after our wedding, and that’s when the battle began. 

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism at first, which is common for women. I notice something wasn’t right when I felt lethargic and started to gain weight.  I’ve always been thin, and I didn’t have any dietary changes, so I knew something was off. I started taking medication, but I still struggled to lose weight. After a couple meetings with an endocrinologist, I was also diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. (PCOS) For anyone trying to start a family, PCOS is real battle and struggle. Someone battling PCOS may experience excessive hair growth, thinning hair, acne, weight gain, and inflammation. 


Mikayla Waltamath

Fitness and Lifestyle coach

My dream of having a baby has become more of an uphill battle, and I have to work even harder to be able to create the right environment. For women battling PCOS, we need to stick together! Support is important, and lifestyle changes even more crucial. I’ve never had to worry about dieting or watch what I ate. I also ate in moderation, but now, I had to focus on macronutrients. I would often battle between feeling too inflamed to workout, and forcing myself to do it! It’ important for women with PCOS to maintain a healthy weight despite the additional struggles. 

It’s important for us to stay at a healthy weight, limit or completely eliminate simple carbohydrates, and be active with little flexibility. I’m not bragging when I say that I could eat almost anything and not have to worry about gaining a pound to now eating even better and still battling gaining weight. I have a very loving and supporting husband who is there for me, and he’s a fitness and health nut, but we still struggle with symptoms of PCOS. 

On most days, I eat less calories than required, and yet, I still end up feeling bloated. Certain foods cause my body to react differently, so it’s been a major lifestyle change. Although diet is one aspect, but my greatest struggle is fertility. I often think it’s not fair that all I’ve dreamed about was having a child, and it’s been a struggle. I’m here to say, LET’S NOT GIVE UP!


Support is crucial, and making sure we’re in this together gives us hope. Follow me as we continue the battle with PCOS!