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What is Science Based Fitness?

Your free- source of information, news, and deep dive into the latest science in the world or fitness and health. We dive deep into the literature and debunk a lot of fake claims. Also, providing helpful tips and workouts to improve your health and quality of life. 

The worst


Social Media

Influencers are a joke

More Views... More Money

There’s money is social media. In fact, social media is more about social marketing than social networking. The more friends, followers, and subscribers you have, then the more paid-per-view advertising they recieve. 

So many people are spending much of their free time micro-scrolling through their feeds, and now, i’m sure you’ve seen a few of these social media “experts” are talking health and nutrition. 

Search on Amazon for Health and Nutrition books, and you’ll see thousands of books. Are these people funding their own studies? I would argue 99% of them aren’t. So why listen to people who are just reading publications and cherry-picking data. It’s very damaging to your health. 

This is a trick…. A way to get your attention so they build a following. 

Learn who to trust

You should question everything you hear, and that doubles for anyone on social media. 


The sad truth about Social Media

The good news about being a social media influencer is that it doesn’t require a license, certification, or other credentials to be one. You can just start recording on your phone at a grocery store and read a nutrition label telling your audience why something is bad. 

Anyone can read an article or a study, cherry-pick data, and make a claim without a board of peers questioning their science. Many of these influencers make claims without citing their sources. People making scientific claims with little to zero scientific backgrounds is hazardous to one’s health. 

The truth about these social media influencers is that they make bold claims and will not debate with others to prove their claims. There are reports of other highly credible people who have a successful Podcast and are willing to provide a stage to debate. However, many of these influencers decline a debate, which weakens their credibility. 

Most of the claims aren't backed by science or cherry-picked data

If I told you that you can eat steak, butter, and ice cream, and be healthy, then I might have your attention. What if I was a super fit guy with lean abs driving a Lambo and told you to purchase this product. Our brains work by association, and our brains remember things based off association. Many people use association to remember things. For example, if I need to remember a home address, then I may tell a story to remember the address. If the address is 5555 Timberhill Lake, then I might think about a football player whose number is 55. I would finish the story by saying, “Logan Wilson, number 55 went to Justin Timberlake’s house on Timberhill.” There’s other association tricks and tips used to increase memory, and there’s also marketing tricks used so you remember their products. 

For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a very popular fitness icon throughout his life. If a company wanted to sell their products, they would endorse Arnold to sell their products. Even though Arnold already built his muscles and physique years before, we associate his physique with that product. This is how social media works, and why we have so many social media influencers. 

If I were to start talking about vegetables are bad and why you should stay away, then it would pull in a lot of attention because most people don’t find vegetables tasty or crave them. However, I were to tell you to eat foods that you already love, then I’d get your attention. We know there’s a dopamine response when we eat foods we like, so it’s easier for us to enjoy foods. 

Since social media influencers are trying to gain an audience, many of these influencer’s goal is get your attention and gain followers. How they’re able to achieve the goal of attracting people by telling them things they want to hear.

These get rich, eat butter, and drink alcohol will always attract attention.  

The final truth

It's about hardwork

When it comes to diet, eating a variety of foods is best. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and lean meats is best. Stay away from anything processed including processed meats.
When it comes to supplements, eating vitamins and minerals is the best thing. Aside from creatine and protein, research shows all other products don't really have much of a benefit.
Social media is social marketing. It's a way for brands to reach you and people you're connected with. The premise behind the billion dollar marketing company (Facebook, instagram, etc) is to market business, goods, and services.

It's all about hard work

Truth is, the pre workout might help with motivation, but it’s not the pre-workout you need. It’s not the fitness supplements to help you get into shape, and it’s not the dietary supplements that makes you smarter. It’s about working hard and staying disciplined to meet your goal. 

Regardless of popular belief, all diets are caloric restriction. Doesn’t matter if you’re low fat/ high carb or high fat/ low carb because a restriction of calories is all the same.